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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Private Mediation

Our attorneys have participated as counsel in mediation matters.

We also have a trained mediator. This increasingly popular approach to alternative dispute resolution bypasses court involvement. We stand ready to assist in facilitating such a process for our clients in appropriate circumstances. We can help you determine if mediation is a proper choice for you.

Send an email or call Steiner & Blechman, LLC, at 412-263-3700 to schedule a consultation regarding legal guidance related to mediation.

Private Arbitration

Experienced attorneys with our firm are available to provide private arbitration and have conducted hearings as triers of fact for divorcing couples seeking an alternative dispute resolution.

We have also established such hearings with other attorneys and have tried cases outside of the court system before experienced counsel upon mutual agreement of the parties for swifter resolution than might otherwise be available through typical court proceedings. We are open to providing guidance to individuals seeking these alternative procedures.

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