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Divorce Made Easy

Virtually no one gets married with plans to divorce. It is never a pleasant experience, but for many people, it is necessary. There are many causes for divorce but the legal process focuses primarily on two or three practical issues:

  • The division of assets
  • Determination of temporary and/or long-term spousal support (alimony)
  • Planning for the co-parenting of minor children that a divorcing couple share

For the average person, the whole divorce process can be intimidating. At Steiner & Blechman, LLC, in Pittsburgh, we attempt to make a difficult time easier. We also help clients understand the importance and significance of each step in that process.

About The Legal Side Of Divorce

Ending a relationship with a spouse is a challenge. By the time someone reaches out to a lawyer about divorce, the interpersonal aspects of divorce are typically underway, but not yet complete as the person is beginning a return to a single way of life. Legal aspects will have a lasting impact, but it is often difficult for someone in the process of divorcing to separate emotions from the businesslike sides of marital dissolution. That’s where we can assist.

Our attorneys and staff are here to help bring order to chaotic situations related to your divorce as needed. Beginning the initial consultation and continuing through the issuance of a final divorce decree, our lawyers will explain the process, procedures and final results in plain English. We will provide the trustworthy advice, guidance and legal protection you need and deserve.

Property Division And Spousal Support  Determination

We will help you understand the 11 different statutory factors involved in asset division and the 17 different statutory factors that help whether there will be alimony and how long it will last. If you own a business or hold business interests, and/or have special tax considerations, we will help you plan accordingly.

We will take a proactive, sensible approach to support your best interests. We will encourage you to settle your case via negotiations and private resolution if that is achievable. If litigation becomes necessary. we will be your loyal, strong advocates as needed to help bring about results in your favor

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Discuss your coming Pennsylvania divorce with one of our family law attorneys. With more than 50 years of combined legal experience, our leading attorneys can help you resolve your divorce in a manner that suits your priorities.

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