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Family Law Tailored To Your Family And Future

When your finances and family relationships are under the microscope in a divorce or any family law case, there is no substitute for personalized counsel. The outcome of your prenuptial agreement, divorce, child custody and/or child support case will likely have a long-lasting impact on your financial stability and parent-child relationships for years to come.

You are doing the right thing by seeking to protect your future with the help of a well-regarded family law attorney and law firm. At Steiner & Blechman, LLC, we focus on developing customized approaches to suit each client’s situation. Our lawyers, led by attorneys William Steiner and Jay Blechman, have more than 50 years of combined legal experience. We offer reassurance and clear direction through a wide range of family law cases as described below.

Our Areas Of Focus

Our family law services include the following:

Contested and uncontested divorce: Ending a relationship with a spouse is nearly always a challenge. The divorce process can seem intimidating and chaotic. We will apply our knowledge and skills to lighten your burdens through asset division and other facets of divorce.

Child custody, parenting time and relocation: In a custody dispute in Pennsylvania, there are 16 statutory factors that keep the spotlight on the best interests of the children. Even after a custody order is in place, it is sometimes necessary to make a geographic move that will take one parent far away from the other. Where should the minor child/children live? We will help you settle such issues with your child’s other parent. If necessary, we will vigorously present arguments before a family law judge in pursuit of the right results for your family.

Child support calculations, court orders, modifications and enforcement: Our lawyers will perform calculations using Pennsylvania’s rules and guidelines, explaining the process clearly to you. We will advocate for you as you make your case for an appropriate, fair child support order. We also assist with petitions for modifications of child support orders, and enforcement of such orders once they are in place.

Collaborative law, mediation and private arbitration: We have experience in providing collaborative approaches to settling all forms of family law matters. Our attorneys have participated as counsel in mediated cases. We also have a trained mediator. This increasingly popular approach to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) bypasses court involvement. Members of our firm can also provide private arbitration and have conducted hearings as triers of fact for divorcing couples seeking ADR.

Appellate court representation: If your divorce or custody case already went through litigation and the outcome is unacceptable to you, our attorneys will review the case and see whether an appeal is justified.

Prenups and postnups: If you have children from a previous relationship and/or substantial asset, you may consider pursuing the protection of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Our attorneys will assist you in drafting the terms of your agreement(s) and meeting the requirements for making them enforceable. If you are approaching divorce, we will review any existing prenup or postnup to clarify the terms and determine whether they can be challenged.

Bring Your Family Law Needs To Our Attention

From our law offices in Pittsburgh, we work with clients throughout the metro area and beyond. We look forward to analyzing your Pennsylvania family law case and making customized recommendations about your next steps.

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